RELEASED: August 13, 2010
ARTIST: Kataklysm
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
PRODUCER: JF Dagenais, Tue Madsen
Heaven’s Venom

1 – A Soulless God
2 – Determined (Vows Of Vengeance)
3 – Faith Made Of Shrapnel
4 – Push The Venom
5 – Hail The Renegade
6 – As The Wall Collapses
7 – Numb And Intoxicated
8 – At The Edge Of The World
9 – Suicide River
10 – Blind Saviour
11 – Das Feuer Lebt (bonus track)

“This album is very intense, just like I like it, simply their best to date!” Tue Madsen. After releasing the “Prevail” tour edition in early 2010, KATAKLYSM invested blood, sweat and tears in what will become a classic in the band`s history: “Heaven`s Venom” boasts all the trademarks of the Canadians such as brutal blastbeats, ten ton grooves, fierce vocals and finest shredding plus earthshattering melodies and Scandinavian influences (“At The Edge Of The World”). And who could resist the infectious hooks of a future live anthem like “Push the Venom”??? Produced by guitarist JF Dagenais and mixed by infamous Danish wiz Tue Madsen, “Heaven`s Venom” willlead everybody`s favourite Canuck act to glorious times! PUSH THE VENOM!

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